Revolutionizing how nonprofits collect, manage, and report performance data!
Flexible, dynamic, and secure, RADICS can be used effortlessly across multiple platforms, including smart technologies such as phones and tablets. Using cloud-based technology, RADICS is HIPAA-compliant, and accessible 24/7!
RADICS is built on 20 years of human services industry research, and experience!
Access RADICS Network on ANY device!
The Perfect All-in-One Solution for Federal, State, and Foundation Grantees
Agencies and organizations charged with the daunting task of tracking and managing data for multiple programs or services, are liberated from the arduous and cumbersome task of using multiple, independent tools that are less than effective in tracking and managing critical data. With over 70 standard one-click reports and growing, data analytics and reporting has never been so easy-allowing teams to focus on what is most important-the clients!

Comprehensive Technical Reports

RADICS ProTech team is comprised of professional statisticians and technical writers, who will work with your organization to help you organize your data, and compose comprehensive technical reports for your private and government funders. Pricing starts at $2,500.00. Contact Corporate Sales for details.

Data Migration Services

RADICS ProTech Team specialists can assist you with transferring your current client data over to your new RADICS Network account. Ask a RADICS ProCare specialist about this service and pricing.

Comprehensive Technical Reports

View multiple performance metrics for any program or service in real-time. With six metrics per dashboard, you can use interactive filters to set the criteria for what you would like to see.

Radics Network Apricot FamCare
Role-based Data Permissions
Required data field completion
Quick-click data export tool
Personalized & customizable dashboard views
HIPPA Compliant
EHR Certified
Rapid HIV Testing protocols
Start-up fees $350 $2,000 $250.00
Monthly Fees 5 users / $199.75 $166 user / min. 5 users / $209.00
Maintenance Fees $0 $125 / month/min. $250 / month
Integrated Solution * Semi / Module Add-on Fees
Built-in reports Over 100 Must Design Some...will build-out for a fee
Mentor/Volunteer screening
Manage training classes, workshops
Manage outreach activities
Easy referral processing/collaboration
Workforce Management
Incident Reporting
Housing/Residential Management $$ Add on ($300)
Advanced Clinical Case Management $$ Add on ($300)
Mental Health Management $$ Add on ($300)
Legal Client Management Coming Soon $$ Add on ($300)
Medical Client Management $$ Add on ($300)
Education Management $$ Add on ($300)
Re-entry / Criminology Management
Multi-program Management $$$ Add on $$$ Add on
HIV Rapid Testing Management

* - RADICS Network includes multiple modules for various industry data tracking. Many of products offer add-on modules for additional fees.

** - Based on published website information and/or sales force inquiries.

X - Either it is unavailable in your standard application, or requires additional financial investment

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All Annual Plans include One-Month Free Access


5-Users @ $199.75/ month
$ 2,197
  • One-time setup fee $350.00
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Unlimited Client Profiles
  • Access to over 100 Standard Reports
  • Unlimited Programs
  • 24/7 Technical Support


10-Users @ $359.5 /month
$ 3,954
  • $4 Savings / User
  • One-time setup fee $350.00
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Unlimited Client Profiles
  • Access to over 100 Standard Reports
  • Unlimited Programs
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 50% Savings on RADICS Enterprise


20+ Users @ $659.00 /month
$ 7,249
  • 7% Savings / User
  • One-time setup fee $350.00
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Unlimited Client Profiles
  • Access to over 100 Standard Reports
  • Unlimited Programs
  • RADICS Executive Dashboards
  • 50% Savings on RADICS Enterprise
  • (Free Access to RADICS Enterprise)
  • 24/7 Technical Support
Revolutionizing how nonprofits collect, manage, and report performance data!